Upcoming Posts…. June 2014

Hurray… We are migrating from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. Over the next week you will see a drastic change in this blog.

What does this mean
This means that basically this blogsite will be closed and replaced with the new wordpress address. We are sorry for any nuisance this may cause but I assure you that this move will be better.

I will be working hard to get this blog up and running and will be posting many articles soon…

Here are a few upcoming articles which will be discussed in the coming weeks…

** Note: These articles and all previous content will be published on the new wordpress.org site.

  • Paris, the place for Coffee… the idealists escape
  • Insights: The Egyptian Pyramids
  • Insights: Life in a Muslim Household
  • Lost and Damned: Family Values Broken by Society
  • House Husbands, The New Housewife?

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